transcendent, transcendental
1. The word used in general contexts to mean ‘excelling, surpassing normal human experience’ is transcendent, which typically collocates with words for grand notions such as beauty, good, and truth. It is wasted in mundane and trivial contexts such as descriptions of sports events

• (Wales and South Africa derived almost equal pleasure from a transcendent test match —Express, 2004).

2. Transcendental has the basic meaning ‘outside experience’ and is used mainly in technical contexts: (1) in theology, to refer to God as being outside the universe, the opposite of immanent (see at imminent), (2) in philosophy to denote the teaching of the 19c American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, and (3) in the term transcendental meditation, a form of meditation derived from Hinduism.

Modern English usage. 2014.


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  • transcendent — TRANSCENDÉNT, Ă, transcendenţi, te, adj. 1. (fil.) care se ridică dincolo de limita sau de nivelul unui domeniu dat; care presupune un principiu exterior şi superior oricărei clase de obiecte. ♦ (În filozofia lui Kant) Care se găseşte dincolo de… …   Dicționar Român

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